about us

the girl says

“Be phenomenal or be forgotten” – Eric Thomas

This is one of the core values that I live by and has always been a golden thread to my healthset, soulsets, mindsets, and worksets.

It all is about delivering work that is of high caliber, transformative and speaks a universal language without having to explain it.

Come to think about it, that’s what PR & Communication is about – a universal language that’s deliberate in creating perceptions, communities and telling diverse stories.

This is why our agility in building your business really matters.

– Lungile Gunundu Founder & Managing Director

the guy says

Passion is what drives me.  The knowledge that I add value to any project I take on in an authentic and genuine way, keeps my fire burning.

Funny enough, before I moved to the big city, I did not know PR even existed. I stumbled upon it during my tertiary studies, and it was love at first lesson.

I, for one, love the versatility of this fast-paced industry, no day is like the other.

The process of developing concepts and working long hours to see them come to life is exciting – the adrenalin rush one gets is absolutely addictive.

I strongly believe in the capability of what I do – it is invaluable. This is not a living; it is a lifestyle.”

– Salu Ncala Founder & Managing Director

Our ethos

For us PR is not about ‘the fluff’.

We believe that PR is a strategic function of business
which can and must deliver tangible results.

So we approach every client brief with an end
– real results – in mind.

And what makes us great is that you will be hard pressed to
find a PR agency who is as passionate about your brand,
about your business,
as we are.

who we are

who we are

African. And proudly so.

Agile. Informed. Connected. Experienced.

And perhaps, just a little bit unorthodox.

Where we live in a world and work in a space where solutionist thinkers,
trailblazers and rainmakers shape and influence the way in which we deliver
our unique brand of PR.

We’re all about transformation.

Our values

Our values


We understand that with economic fluctuation it is imperative for the capability of a business or its components to rapidly respond to a change by adapting to maintain stability.

We drive the process of the ability of an organisation to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways.


Sure, we can come up with a well thought out, beautifully written strategy to convince you to opt for our agency over the hundreds of brilliant agencies at your disposal.

Simply put, we put our clients’ interests first and in doing so, we promise to execute all our activities with integrity and to be answerable to all our actions and results promised.


We have avidly honed our skill set to ensure that we produce outstanding results every.single.time.

We are passionate about elevating brands’ visibility and cutting through the noise with transformative and new age strategies that are driven by outside-the-box thinking.

We focus on driving you to a destination you never thought possible.


To achieve greatness, it needs to be understood and inherently embedded into the culture of a business and supported with a strong methodology to guide every single decision.

The principles of excellence are ingrained in who we are and all that we do. We not only speak it, we live it.

Let’s work together

Connect with us and let’s begin the journey of transforming your brand into one that is outstanding and a trend setter.